Positive Changes

Living Happy

Certain songs evoke certain mental images for me. Anything by Britney Spears and *NSYNC brings me back to high school and college, where I was young and eager to take on the world; Coldplay songs remind me of a painful breakup I experienced in my late twenties; and the ‘Same Trailer, Different Park’ album by Kacey Musgraves reminds me of when I moved from my ‘basement-level’ apartment to my current one that’s much nicer.

I’m a sucker for pretty much anything to do with the 90s, specifically the music. C&C Music Factory was a pop group whose cassette tape I used to continuously rewind and play on my SONY Walkman. (Rewinding is something people born before 2000 have probably never had to do.)

One of their songs, ‘Live Happy’, always elicits memories of me dancing in my bedroom and convincing myself that school bullies weren’t worth my time. Their entire album is amazing, in fact. I regularly listen to it while working out.

It’s a long song at a little under eight minutes, which is annoying to people who love to scroll through their newsfeed to find the next best thing. Stop. Listen. Enjoy the music. I’m sure you have more than a minute to spare.