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The Cult of Scientology


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Troublemaker by Leah Remini is for anyone who knows that sometimes you must challenge authority figures. She paints a detailed picture of her life in scientology, starting with how her family was recruited and ending with the suspicious disappearance of Michele Miscavige. While her writing style portrays a tough woman from Brooklyn, the facts speak for themselves as she recounts how she witnessed the church prey on the innocent while simultaneously breaking the rules for celebrities like Tom Cruise. If he is the face of scientology, then Ms. Remini was an unsuspecting pawn in their attempt to recruit celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

In a business full of fake people just trying to get ahead, Leah Remini proves she’s one of the realest celebrities that refuses to be used. While she admits that sometimes she goes too far, it’s that same attitude that saved her from the Cult of Scientology.

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’50 Shades of Grey’ Is Lady Porn…and That’s OK


Ladies like myself read books like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for the same reason men watch adult films: it’s pornography. Men (hopefully) don’t expect to marry a woman that’s an adult film star, and (smart) women don’t say ‘Mom, dad: I’d like you to meet the man who ties me up at night.’

The books, which I admit to reading in the privacy of my home, were so poorly written that most of us wanted to put it down less than 25 pages in. Yet we found ourselves in tears by the end of the third book, worried that Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele couldn’t work things out. E.L. James tapped into our emotions through a poorly written trilogy.

The women I know that are also into the series would never be with a man that was as controlling as Mr. Grey. In fact, in real life he would be a sociopath with a history of domestic violence. (Think Chris Brown.) Yet he doesn’t turn out that way. Simply put: women want that type of passion without any real life consequences.

If you’re not a mature adult that can separate wrong from right, then don’t read the books or see the film. After all, you wouldn’t think of allowing a child to watch a horror film. There are a few scenes that made us hate Mr. Grey, but unlike reality, he comes full circle. Throughout the entire series, we saw that he was a good man with some serious mommy issues.

I have yet to see the movie, but as always it probably won’t live up to the books. (Which isn’t saying much.) The author simply gave the characters enough depth for people like myself-who have also enjoyed works by the Bronte sisters and Tolstoy-enough to keep reading. If you want to talk about false interpretations, how about all of those stories we were fed growing up about Prince Charming sweeping us off of our feet? Unless you’re Mrs. Channing Tatum, that doesn’t happen. (Not to mention it undermines the amount of work that goes into a good relationship.)

I’m sure the BDSM lifestyle is thriving, but don’t worry about women being more degraded than they’ve already been. Just take a look at all of the leading female stars with ample cleavage in major films over the past century. Sex sells, period. Now it’s our turn to buy into it.